Our Vision

We are the premier Pilates studio in the Chicagoland area
empowering our clients’ core fitness for life.

Our Mission

To create a warm educational environment that
achieves the fitness, sport and rehabilitative goals of our clients
while maintaining the highest standards of certification in all modalities we practice.

What our clients say about Fascial Stretch....

Unreal...I can actually turn my neck further than a 1/4 turn!!! Thank you. Driving to look over my shoulder - so much better! Life is good. I can turn and do more than I have in 8 years...you are an incredibly kind person. Thank you for the relief and direction to take care of me.....Margaret

What our clients say about Pilates at 212...

I wouldn't have been able to lift the Uhaul trailer onto the hitch without the work I do at your studio! Ray

I have never felt more accepted, there are no judgements....Debra

The classes are small and intimate, instructors make you feel like you can be successful and accomplish exactly what you'd like to! Lisa


Would you like to get started? Call us at: 224-610-6212, or email at: Pilates212@icloud.com

Our Story

Owner - Michelle Austin

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor - Pilates Method Alliance

Balanced Body Certified Pilates Instructor

Anatomy Trains

NKT Neuro Kinetic Therapy 1

Core Align

RedCord FEX 


Bodhi Suspension

Pilates for Golfers

Nutrition Coach - Precision Nutrition

Fascial Stretch Specialist Level 3 - Stretch to Win

Personal Trainer - PTA Global


212° Pilates Difference

Michelle credits the practice of Pilates with giving her the quality of life she enjoys with her family. While pregnant with her second child, Michelle was the victim of a hit and run accident.  She suffered chronic hip and back pain, and elected to pursue Pilates as a means of rehabilitation.  The focused exercises of Pilates helped to realign and strengthen her hips, significantly decreased the pain, and allowed Michelle to reclaim her active lifestyle.

Michelle was truly transformed by this experience, and turned a physical injury and setback into a passion for helping others.  Through extensive training and experience spanning well over a decade, Michelle’s knowledge of the human body and advanced certifications in Pilates are now enabling her clients to achieve such goals as strengthening their core, improving posture, and increasing flexibility.  Michelle is passionate about understanding each client’s health and wellness, and his or her desired fitness goals.  Clients trust Michelle to create a custom program tailored to fitness, sport, and rehabilitation.

“I’ve spent 14 years sharing my knowledge through other studios, now I’ve decided to turn up the heat with Pilates 212°”

Michelle’s early work spanned a variety of healthcare and fitness establishments, and exposed her to practices and members whose methods and goals were oftentimes not aligned or, even worse, counterproductive.  Although such “clubs” offered certain benefits to their members, invariably they fell short of consistently delivering the personal, holistic level of instruction and encouragement to see client outcomes fulfilled.  Pilates 212° was established to achieve this very objective by specifically combining Pilates, FST, and Nutrition.  Pilates 212° represents unparalleled care, quality, and fitness oversight.